Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

1. Introduction
We are committed to preserving your privacy. Please read the following privacy policy to understand how we use and protect the information that you provide to us.

This privacy policy applies to our processing of personal data when you use our services, visit our websites or mobile applications or otherwise interact with us.

It is important for us to process and use your data only in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”, from the GDPR implementation date 25th May 2018) or, until GDPR implementation date, the Data Protection Act 1998, (collectively the “Data Protection Laws”) and your expectations, and to be transparent with you in how we process and use your data.

This privacy policy will explain what data is collected, why it is collected, how the collected data is used and your options and rights regarding the collection of your personal data.

2. Who we are
We provide cleaning services, as set out on our website, to the facilities and premises owned by our clients. As a private, family-owned business we are not like public limited companies. Where other companies must focus on meeting short term targets, our private ownership enables us to make long term investments. This means we have strong relationships with our clients and longevity in the services we provide to them. We are all about supporting our clients’ long-term vision and objectives. We work at the heart of our clients’ businesses, and our sector expertise means we can design sustainable service solutions that align with their business strategies.

3. What data we collect
In connection with the different ways we may interact with you and the various services that we provide, we collect the following categories of data:
• C1: Contact information, including name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
• C2: Identity data, including gender and date of birth.
• C3: Communication data between you and us, including, e-mail communication, comments and reviews collected through surveys or posted on our channels and on social media platforms.
• C4: Digital information data collected when you visit our websites, applications or other digital platforms, including IP-addresses, browser data, traffic data, social media behaviour, and user patterns. regarding which newsletters you open, your location when opening them and whether you access any links inserted in the newsletters.

4. Where we collect your data from
Most of the data that we have about you are provided by you. We collect C3 and C4 data from our websites, applications and similar digital platforms.

5. Use of your information
Description: We use C1, C2 and C3 data to ensure that we can supply the goods or services you have requested. We may provide such information by electronic or other means.

Legal basis: We use such data as part of our business relationship. . Further, we use such data to provide you with other information necessary to fulfil our legitimate interests, including to ensure that we process invoices and to contact you, where necessary, concerning any orders and services you may place with us.

Disclosure: We will not disclose C1 and C2 data to anyone other than those needing such information to provide you with the cleaning service, or to communicate with you and to provide support and assistance, or unless required by law or on request from authorities.

Description: We use C1, C2 and C4 data to provide you with newsletters from us about our products and services.

Legal basis: Our use of such data is based on our legitimate interests in providing you with relevant information to promote our products and services. You may at any time opt out of receiving such information.

Disclosure: We may process your data to enable us to send you relevant information to promote our products services.

6. How long we store your data for
We will only store your data for as long as you remain a customer.

7. International transfer of data
Any electronic personal data transferred to countries or territories outside the UK and EU will only be placed on systems complying with measures giving equivalent protection of personal rights either through international agreements or contracts approved by the UK Government or the European Union.
Our website is also accessible from overseas so on occasion some personal data (for example in a newsletter or publication) may be accessed from overseas. Any electronic personal data transferred to countries or territories outside the UK and EU will only be placed on systems complying with measures giving equivalent protection of personal rights either through international agreements or contracts approved by the UK Government or the European Union.

8. Disclosure of your information
The information you provide to us will be held on our computer. Our staff then process information, fulfil and deliver orders and services, process payments and provide support services on our behalf.

Unless required to do so by law, we will not otherwise share, sell or distribute any of the information you provide to us without your consent.

9. Security
We take appropriate measures to ensure that any personal data is kept secure, including security measures to prevent personal data from being accidentally lost, or used or accessed in an unauthorised way. We limit access to your personal data to those who have a genuine business need to know it. Those processing your information will do so only in an authorised manner and are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

10. How you can access, rectify or erase your data and file complaints
Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have a number of important rights. In summary, those include rights to:
• access to your personal data and to certain other supplementary information that this privacy policy is already designed to address;
• require us to correct any mistakes in your information which we hold;
• require the erasure of personal data concerning you in certain situations;
• receive the personal data concerning you which you have provided to us, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit the data to third parties in certain situations;
• object at any time to processing of personal data concerning you for direct marketing;
• object in certain other situations to our continued processing of your personal data;
• otherwise restrict our processing of your personal data in certain circumstances;
• claim compensation for damages caused by our breach of any data protection laws.
For further information on each of those rights, including the circumstances in which they apply, see the Guidance from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on individual’s rights under the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you would like to exercise any of those rights, please contact us.

11. Cookies
We use cookies on the websites to ensure functionality on the website, analyse website traffic and to see which areas of the website you have visited. Please read our cookie policy for more information:-


What are cookies?
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Cookie Policy

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Third Party Cookies
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Managing Cookies
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12. Changes to our privacy policy
Any changes to our privacy policy in the future will be posted to our website and, where appropriate, through e-mail notification.